Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pinterest Picks

I used to be obsessed with magazines. I still enjoy them, but since I joined Pinterest I've cancelled most of my subscriptions. What's the point if I can find all the same style inspiration, recipes, DIY ideas and more at Pinterest?

Anyway, in the past six months I've accumulated 1,200 pins. Out of all of them, these are some favorites:

La Mer wrap watch
I'm still trying to rationalize spending $165 on this, even though I never wear watches!

I discovered Keiko Lynn's blog from Pinterest, and it's now in my top blogs. Her outfits are perfection!

Jewelry Storage
A full-length mirror that also holds If only this existed! I can't find it anywhere.

Colorful Fishtail 
Never mind the fact I can't braid my own hair, I'm going to convince someone to help me do this! So pretty.

Dream Closet
I realize it's a little ridiculous to own a closet of this magnitude, but I can dream, Ok?

And for my favorite pin of the moment...

Chinque Terre, Italy

This gorgeous photo is of Chinque Terre, Italy. I found out last week that I'll be vacationing here in September! We're also visiting Venice and Florence while in Italy. I can't wait!!

Are you on Pinterest? If we're not already following each other, leave a comment with a link to your page!